Cyber Cup - Football Edition

Start date: 25-26 April, 2019

Location: Baku Olympic Stadium

Cyber CUP - Football Editon is organized under Azerbaijan Cyber Sport Federation support.

If you are a nimble-minded, fast-paced, timely player, then the Cyber Cup - Footballl Edition is for you. If you want to play in your own rules, show your own game and declare your championship among cyber players, register on April 12-22. Take part in the cyber cup on April 25 and 26. After the registration of the first 128 participants, the registration window will be closed immediately.


Start date: 25-26 April, 2019

Location: Baku Olympic Stadium


The age limit for the tournament is 16+

Games will be played on PlayStation 4.

The championship will be held based on FIFA 19 game.

Participation in the championship is free.

The tournament will be held with the participation of 128 people.

After the registration at, everyone will be able to complete the registration process according to the rules. The first 128 players will participate in the championship. These individuals will receive information via e-mail.

The championship will last for 2 days. The first day will be the qualifying round, and the second day will be played by 16 remaining players.

Games will be played with the "Olympic" system.

Each stage consists of 1 game.

The winning participant rises to the next stage.

The selection may consist of only the Europa League teams.

Each participant has the opportunity to choose only one club during the tournament.

The club you choose to participate in the championship must mention be mentioned during the registration and this option can not be changed throughout the championship.

The choice to start the game as a host and guest is determined by drawing lots.

Priority in jersey selection is home team.


During the tournament, games will begin at a predetermined time.

Each participant's game time will be pre-recorded.

The late participant is given a maximum of 10 minutes of waiting time.

The participant should be in the game hall 15-30 minutes before the start of the match.

In case of not participating in the game, the participant is automatically given a 3-0 loss of technical defeat.

Organizers have the right to change the tournament schedule at any time.



During the game you need to be calm.

Participants can not be interrupted during the course of the game.

It is forbidden to use non-ethical and oppressive humiliating expressions.

If one of the two players playing during the game has psychological pressure on the other, or physically or otherwise interferes, that participant will be removed from the championship.

Set up the game

The duration of the matches is 7 minutes (one part), total 14 minutes.

If the game ends draw, extra time will be played. If there is a draw after extras, penalty kicks will determine the winner.

If the game ends, the extra (classic) parts will be rolled. If there is a draw in the other divisions, the additional 11 meters will be punished until the winner is determined.

The difficulty of the game - Legendary

Stadium - Home stadium club

Weather - Summer, clear air

Speed of the game - Standard

Player substitution - 3

Squads - Online

İnjuries - Active

Offside - Active

Your tactics - Off

A task to the players - Allowed

Defense - Tactical

Game camera - TV

Players' skills cannot be adjusted.

Adjustment of the management device is allowed.

Our Commitments

All draws and game processes will be held in a transparent manner.

here will be no mulfuctions on the joysticks and computers. (note: You can use your own joysticks in the championship).