Europa League Operations Group Meets with Students at UNEC

28 January 2019

On December 13, members of the Operations Group set up for the upcoming UEFA Europa League Final to be held in Baku visited Azerbaijan State University of Economics and met with the students and teaching staff as part of the preparations for the event. A presentation was made for more than 250 students present at the meeting about the events planned to be conducted in connection with the Europa League. The organizers underlined the importance of such events in terms of imparting necessary experience in sport and non-sport-related areas to students, effective organization of leisure time for young people, and increasing their technical knowledge and skills related to large-scale events of national importance. After that, AFFA, the body responsible for coordination with UEFA and organizational aspects of the event, presented its volunteer program for the first time. It was stressed that the volunteer program would be open to everyone striving to be part of the major continental sporting event in addition to students. Training sessions on organizational issues, educational and entertainment courses, special master classes and other activities are planned to be organized for students in the framework of the program. This campaign will run until December 25 and cover educational institutions such as Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art, Odlar Yurdu University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Baku Business University, Azerbaijan University, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku Slavic University, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, and ADA University Detailed information on the presentations to be held at the universities will be posted on