The Volunteering Program is launched

28 January 2019

The Volunteering Program of the 2019 UEFA Europa League Final is started today. The first event will be launched today with a special presentation at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. In all, the Volunteering program presentations will be organized for students, student youth organizations and other organizations in 12 universities from 13 to 25 December. The 2019 UEFA Europa League Finals Baku will involve 1300 volunteers in 23 fields and over 40 functions. People interested to be volunteers should fill in an application form visiting the link  between December 13 and January 31. The 2019 UEFA Europa League Finals Volunteering Team will invite people filled out the application form for an interview from January 6 to February 28. Trainings will start for selected volunteers from April 1. After one-month trainings, the volunteers will start to function in the relevant sections of the final game organization. Applications to join the Volunteering Program can be received not only from Azerbaijan, but also from other countries.